Describe what you do.

I am the Managing Partner or General Manager of 3 restaurants in Atlanta, GA. Some of the things I do daily include the scheduling and inventory of the stores and then a majority of my time is focused on leadership development.

Describe how you do it.

I had to come to an understanding that I can not do everything by myself. I create a team of like-minded individuals and we all work toward a common goal. Some of the processes and details that we need to be aware of every day can easily get away from us so we get focus groups and hold each group accountable for their areas.

Describe why you do it.

I do what I do to impact people. I’m not the chicken business, I’m in the people business. I want to help everyone get to where they want to be in life and I use my job as an avenue to help them. I have seen team members go on to be doctors, lawyers and the General Managers of another business and that’s awesome! But what keeps me motivated is watching the people I influence turn around and influence others in that same manner. Knowing that I’m potentially making a difference is good enough for me.

What was the first step you took to become what you are now?

Honestly it was learning how to communicate with so many different people. College gave me the book knowledge and even some of the communication skills needed but as Truett Cathy used to say, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” I had to make the decision to grow and learn new ways of communication so that I could be influential in the workplace.

What do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?

For me it would have had to be the computer side of school. Excel, SPSS data analysis spreadsheets and all that fun stuff. I really had no need for it then and I had to relearn it once I got back into the business world.

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