Robotics Software Engineer

Sarah | Software Engineer

What industry or field are you employed in? Robotics How many years have you been working in your field? 5 years Describe what you do My company makes a robotic arm that’s used in manufacturing; picking up items on a conveyor belt, putting them in the next station of the assembly line, that sort of […]


Kaylee | Graphic Designer

How many years have you been working in design? 7 years Describe what you do. I am the creative owner and freelancer at¬† As a professional designer, I communicate visions through design innovation and proven marketing techniques. I specialize in helping non-profit organizations and starter businesses and blogs succeed with beautiful print and web media […]


Tim | Creative Director

Describe what you do?¬† I’m currently working as the Creative Director at Pixel Expanse. I am currently involved in building identity packages and websites for businesses. This includes design, programming, SEO, and public relations tasks on a daily basis. Describe how you do it? I build my websites using a combination of HTML and CSS […]