Describe your childhood.

We lived on the edge of a small town and there was a large woods behind our house.  That was my playground. I was a very cerebral kid with a rich imagination. My best friend was my little brother.  Robin to my Batman.

Does what you experienced at a young age still influence what you DO now?

Yes.  I was very into toys.  We didn’t have a lot of money but we did get the Sears and JC Penney Christmas catalog each year.  I would study it cover to cover for months leading up to Christmas, analyzing all of the toys within.  When I became a toy inventor it helped that I was already a walking encyclopedia of toy history.

What defining moments have happened in the pursuit of your dream?

I was on Good Morning America and several other TV shows.  MTV hired me to do work for them.  I’m going to be in both National Geographic’s children’s annual and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  Recently “America’s Got Talent” contacted me.  What I do doesn’t translate to their type of show but it was very flattering for them to ask.

What was the first step you took in pursuit of your dream?

Getting off my butt and doing something.And following through with it.

What steps are you taking to accomplish your current goals?

 I have to say that I don’t have a real goal beyond enjoying what I do and always trying to be inventive. If I have those two covered, good things seem to happen.




How has pursuing your current vision altered your lifestyle?

I don’t really have a social life beyond that with my wife and kids.  All the extra time is spent making art or coming up with toy ideas. I love doing both.

What advice would you give to someone currently debating between trying and giving up on their dream?

Be realistic about your abilities.  if you truly believe you have what it takes, stick with it.  If you’re disillusioned, there is no way for you to judge yourself so I hope you have honest friends.

What fuels (or drives) your vision?

Just wanting to always do something new.  And to come up with things never seen before.  It’s hard, but possible.

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What have been the most valuable things that make you love what you do?

Encouraging words from people I respect.

Have your goals changed since you were young?

If so, what influenced this change? No. I just wanted to get paid for my imagination and thats what’s happening.

What fears or challenges have you had to overcome if any?

A divorce.  The person I trusted most and was closest to abandoned me and it messed me up for many years. Nothing good came out of that period.

Has is taken longer to achieve your dream than you planned?

Yes.I failed at so many creative endeavors.  But luckily I always had the skills to make a living.

What other dreams do you have that you would want to try?

Moving to a place with a mild climate like San Diego.

What obstacles do you foresee needing to overcome?

 I need 12 more hours in a day.


What is your life goal?

To be a good father and husband. To not be poor and homeless as a senior citizen.  To live forever.


Who or what currently inspires and motivates you?

I work at a toy inventing company called Bang Zoom Design.  My friends who I work with are amongst the most skilled, talented, creative people I’ve ever met.  So every single day we come up with cool ideas, have crazy arguments, and invent the stuff your kids will be playing with next year.  It’s so much fun you couldn’t make up a better job.


Tell about those who have been the most encouraging and supportive of what you DO.

Two notable people who have helped me out are Trent Reznor and Jason Freeny.  Trent is of course the CCO of Apple Music and creative genius behind Nine Inch Nails.  He saw my stuff online and asked me to make some peanut art of his family.  That boosted my confidence and helped me forge on.  Jason Freeny is a fantastic artist who I actually had the honor of working with at a day job way back when.  Seeing him become a successful surrealist sculptor encouraged me to try my own hand at art.  It worked out well.

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