What I Do. is often hard to define, however because I hold cameras in my hands more hours of day/night than I sleep, it’s probably safe to say that I’m a photographer first and foremost. What kind of photographer can only be categorized as International because I shoot for all kinds of companies and businesses around our fascinating world. I have dreams that will forever change until my dying day because I have an ambitious personality, this will also never allow for the feeling of achieving an end result or truly accomplishing something. The way I define success is also something that will always change and be somewhat unreachable.

Humbleness about every part of your life including what you Do. will probably be one kind of success that remains .

Where all these open ended opinions and thoughts come from probably started with my childhood and the influence of my parents. The mountains were my backyard. My sister and I would venture into them most days and create our own little worlds that more often than not blurred into our imagination. Because of the freedom our parents gave us not only around physical boundaries but mental ones I truly believe they’ll always be the biggest influence in what I Do. in life. As I started to grow up, my dream of becoming a game designer or pro mountain runner was always supported by my parents.

Now I look back on all my dreams and I can see how easily they change, because you learn and you discover new things and they might sing a little more to your soul.

Photography is what keeps the beat for me now, it may change, even though I doubt the change now, I doubt it as much as the separation of my best friend at the age of 10, but it happened. For the time being though I will pursue the desire to be recognized as an international photograph and not a food photographer or architectural or fashion. I create in all of those areas in countries all around the world. The difficulty in this is, I am perceived to be somewhat of a generalist in the eyes of my audience. Generalists are not as highly regarded, most of the time, as a specialist. So for now my biggest challenge and goal is to prove to others that a generalist can be as valuable as a specialist and equally trusted for the subject matter. Diverse subject matter is what fuels my love and passion for photography.

If I can sit high in the mountains of Ecuador, eating dinner with an 86 year old farmer who just picked our meal from the garden outside and then a few days later be in Peru shooting for a high end restaurant, I will always love what I do.

Learning about the world and the limitless differences between people and places are my fuel. The camera is the vehicle to allow this to happen seamlessly and my advice to people who are stuck doing what they don’t want in life is to shift what boundaries they think surround them, the boundaries are only solid if you let them be. After all of these words and thoughts there is one thing I can say I am truly looking to achieve in life. Contentment and happiness with what I have and what I create. To me that is the hardest thing to achieve and I’ve met very few people in the world who’ve achieved this.


Listen To Shantanu talk about pixel trade here.





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