Hello. My name is Nikita, but people call me Nick. I grew up in the small industrial town in the east of Ukraine.


I got a bachelors degree in Economic in my home city, but now I’m a Ruby programmer. That may not make any sense, but this is the reality in my region. My wife got a bachelor’s degree in Programming and now she is a MakeUp artist. It’s just the way it goes here.


I did not have the opportunity to get a quality education. My parents insisted on getting a diploma, but I dropped out of school at the institute. When military operations began in my region, I was kidnaped, but luckily I was left in the woods. I found my way back home and I moved to Kyiv with my future wife.


I’ve always been interested in technology. From the first year of university, I started trying to make money on the internet. After moving to Kyiv, my friend helped me find a job as a junior web developer. I finally got to work with something interesting and cool. But without any experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, it was very hard. I failed a lot and I did not sleep much, but I learned a lot.


I am grateful to the guys from “Unteleported” company that they took me without experience and gave a jolt to my career.


The next 3 years, I changed companies a few times. First to look for a better salary then for better projects. And finally, at Upwork I found my future partner.


I moved to my home city, closer to my family and I work with my partner, fully remotely. We build out small projects that we need and spend a lot of time learning new things. 


I love what I do. I finally have an interesting job, cool partner and friend, few my own projects, a lovely wife and six cats.


I mainly work on a blogging platform (nothing new, it’s not a “game changer”). This project has a few thousand registered users and a lot of bugs. It’s interesting to build something like this, without any budget on it, just with few bucks per month for server and your own time.


All that I need for work is my laptop and an internet connection. Every day I read feedback about this service from my friends in Facebook Messenger. My friends were the first active users. They started to write some cool stories about their lives and it inspired me.


I use Notes (mac app) and sometimes Trello for writing tasks. I copy them from emails and chats and fix them one by one.


I hope in future to make something cool for paid customers. For now, though, I only get profit from advertisers.


But really it’s very cool to have real users. I feel some responsibility about my projects, sometimes have adrenaline because bug on production etc.


My advice to someone who is unsure about what they want to do is – First you have to understand what do you want. Then you have to try to do it (maybe for free, but idea – to got experience on the battlefield). After few jobs you can go your way. 



My wife and few very close friends and all my cats have been such a support of me and my work.

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