Micro-view Interview

Below, we’ve created a form that asks the questions students are looking for answers to.  We would love to get your industry perspective on them. With your years of experience, we call this interview a Micro-view. This interview is designed to give students a quick yet thorough look at the work you do. The more you say, the more prepared to start they will be. 

Do. Microview Interview

NOTE: You can submit your interview above and your image separately. We completely understand…you may not be at work right now. If you are, let’s keep going. If not, come back in the morning and submit it below. 

Email Photos.

 If you are on the job right now have a co-worker snap an image of you ‘doing what you do’ or hanging out in your zone. At any rate, we will wait till you send in an image to post your interview.

Send an Image