Describe what you do.

I am a product designer; for both mobile apps and large scale interactive environments. I design digital products from the ground up. Covering everything from UX Design like wireframes, and user flows. UI Design, like button styles, images, anything visual, these enforce the UX designs. Motion Design, interactive elements that provide hierarchy, contrast, and “delight”. This makes it easier on the user and keeps them coming back and it helps enforce the UX/UI designs . I act like a creative director in a large team guiding them as we craft interactive experiences for our clients. And a one man army in smaller environments.

Describe how you do it.

I define what the end product or user interaction is (at the end of the day what do I want the user to do/touch?). Design user flows and wireframes to make that one action as simple as possible and intuitive. Using the wireframes and user flows as blueprints I build a style guid defining how the product looks and feels ( what color button would work best on this screen to drive this action). Design motion into elements to provide that extra level of feedback. All three steps require several iterations, and refinements. Design is only done when nothing is left to take away. Clean up style guides. Export all assets. Optimize assets. Build an app prototype. Hand prototype and optimized assets with user-flows off to developers. ( I prefer to use an app like zeplin or invision to hand off assets to my developers). Pro Tips: 1: Work closely with your developers throughout the entire process. Saves time and money. It also keeps nasty surprises to a min at the end of the project when you hand everything off. 2: If the design is responsive don’t be lazy. Design the screen for every size. This will make your developer your best friend and they will have to bug you less.

Describe why you do it.

There is no better feeling than working for hours and hours creating something, and see it being used every day by people. On one hand, its absolutely terrifying. On the other its exhilarating. I do what I do to create new things. to push the boundaries.

What was the first step you took to become what you are now?

I said no and took it to heart. Sophomore year the dean of the school I was attending told me I would never make it as a designer. He told me he had seen a lot of young designers come through and I just didn’t have it. I am also a Christian, and I had a day of reflection as I looked were my life was going and how it had fallen apart with being told I didn’t have it. So I said no. I said No and prayed to my God to be granted the opportunity to work my butt off; that he would grant me the skills to be the very best. That has started years of prayer and late nights doing the hard work. That was the first step. Say “No!” to the doubts, no matter if they are in your head or in your life.

What do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?

Side Projects… Everyone is different with how they learn. I learn much better and faster with experience through side projects. With stupid side projects I never really plan to show anyone, and stupid side projects that I do plan to share. Get all the experience you can, and learn how to design with out some one holding your hand.

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