How many years have you been working in your field?

5 years

Describe what you do.

Nicknamed “director of first impressions”, I don’t see greeting guests as my job – it is my passion! To see the faces of customers, vendors, co workers, and visitors light up thrills me! My goal is giving the most positive reception to every guest that enters our door. From answering the phones, to being our President’s personal assistant, diligence, attention to detail, delegation, and the ability to multi-task are imperative to my position. Additionally, I manage everything in the offices of our growing staff: ordering office supplies, maintaining copiers, communicating needs to our IT department, and overseeing the cleaning crew to keep the place sparkling! I work closely with accounting to log receipts and itemize every visa transaction. Entering invoices into our software system, communicating with our purchasing department, and scanning/storing documentation, I take pride in streamlined, proactive invoice entry! Trained in graphic design, I also head our the social media. I love adding uniqueness and sharing our culture!

Describe how you do it.

My job requires a lot of FOCUS. I wear many hats in my position which means that my workload is always maxed out. Having focus and sticking to a schedule is a must. I set weekly, biweekly, quarterly and yearly goals for myself to maintain the level at which I work and produce results for my company.

Describe why you do it.

I love the challenges that I face each and every day on the job. Today it might be that we have multiple customers in the shop that need special assistance with many different aspects. Tomorrow it might be that we have a new marketing campaign that needs my attention. I love the challenges and diversity of what I do. I never back down from a challenge on the job and I invite the opportunity to learn something new that I have never done before.

What was the first step you took to become what you are now?

I started out by going to college for what I thought I was passionate about at the time, but never finished my degree. That is one thing I have really regretted many times over the years. Instead it took me many years of working in many different areas before I found the job that fulfilled and challenged me.

What do you wish you had paid more attention to in school

Looking back to so many years ago it is really hard to pinpoint much, but looking back to the time period I was in while in school, I would have to say history and computers. Computers were just becoming a thing back then and the classes available at that time were very basic. No one truly knew what impact computers and technology would have on us all these years later.

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