How many years have you been working in your field? :

I started 1 year ago.

Describe what you do.

I started working as a registered nurse July 10, 2017. I create and modify care plans for oncology/Med-surge patients. I communicate with doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s care and status. I carry out physician’s orders and nursing orders. I assess patients and provide primary care and support to the patient and his or her family/friends.

Describe how you do it.

I work 3 12-hour days per week on average. When I arrive on the unit, I organize my nursing tools and papers and then receive a report from the night shift nurses for each patient I’m assigned for the day. After the report, I log into the computer, assign my patients on the computer, write down scheduled medications for the day, and note any new orders or changes to be fulfilled. Then, I grab a vital sign machine and 9:00 medications due, and “round” on each patient. During rounds, I usually give ordered meds, get vital signs, assess my patient, and try to knock out some charting if I have good time management. After rounding, I chart some more. Then, it’s time to round again and give meds. I usually eat lunch after my second set of vital signs. On a good day, I eat at noon, but I usually expect to eat lunch at 2:00-3:00. After lunch, I check any new orders and made rounds again. Then I do some more charting and give any medications as needed. At the end of my shift, I will finish up charting and give a report to the night shift.

Describe why you do it.

I love my job. I’ve wanted to work in the medical field since I learned what the role of a doctor was at age four. I love to be in control, serve, collaborate, and care for others. I’ve always had a nurturing and organizational personality. I am amazed by the human body and love the connection and relationships I build with my patients and their loved ones.

What was the first step you took to become what you are now?

Decided what I wanted to be, then went to college to get a degree in nursing.

What do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?

I wish I got more involved in clinical rotations and really took advantage every learning opportunity instead of thinking about classes or lunch time.

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