I’m a fourth year pressman. I am the first operator of a Heidelberg SM102, which is an 8 color sheet-fed press. Our press is responsible for all of the up front and first impression materials. By that, I mean mailers, book covers, promotionals, flash card series, yearbooks. My job as head of my press is to make sure that the color is right and matching the proofs of what the designers intended it to be. I also need to make sure that all images are in registration (lined up correctly so the colors overlay where they need to). I’m also in charge of running the days jobs in the best and most efficient order to optimize the time I have for them. I also have a second operator who runs the feeder end of the press where the sheets go into it. I do much more but that’s the basics. Lol

I’ve learned many things that pertain to the job obviously, but I believe the most valuable thing I’ve learned is a probably a truer sense of teamwork. I’ve always known that teamwork is essential for organizations and building a good work atmosphere. I began to realize that the more difficult my job became the more I was looking for my coworkers to show teamwork so we could get the job done more efficiently, but I wasn’t putting forth all the effort I could to show them the teamwork I was expecting. Having been in a managerial position before I know that if you want someone to respect you as a boss you need to give that respect as well. It’s very hard to work for someone who asks for hard work and you never see them put forth any effort themselves. I was doing just that and began to realize it. Once I started to push myself to help, even if it wasn’t my responsibilities, I started to see them give a little more back as well. So teamwork is amazing but it needs to be both sides giving the effort for it to work the way it was intended.

If you’re looking to pursue your vision or dream career,  I would say first and foremost literally write out what your vision or what your dream is. After that, break it down into steps. For example, I would love to own a coffee shop one day where we sell coffee and have hot spot wifi on the main floor and my design team and studio is upstairs in a loft. I would write that out maybe with the name I like or how many people I would have in on it and how much I revenue each business would project to bring in through the year. Then break that down to overhead costs of any equipment or decor and kind of map out a cost sheet. After that maybe throw around ideas of which area I would want this business in based on demographics and what people group I’m targeting. When you write things down it makes ideas and visions/dreams become something you can literally see in steps. Then you can prioritize those steps according to where you are in your life and how much time you need to make it happen.

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