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Julie | RN

How long have you been a nurse? I’ve been a nurse for three years now, but I started working full-time last June. Between then and now I was in grad school working on my masters. Describe what you do. I just transferred to a new floor so I’m working in the intensive care unit now. […]


Amy | Head Wilderness Guide

How many years have you been doing what your doing?  4 years What is your Title  Head Wilderness Guide What do you do? As a head guide I take about 20 hikers up into the mountains of Colorado for one week at a time. I welcome them to base camp, help them understand their gear […]

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Josh | Patient Care Technician

How many years have you been working in your field? 1 year Describe what you do. I take care of patients needs and assist nurses helping the patients as well. Anything feeding to bathing to changing bandages. Basically can do anything but draw blood and give meds Describe how you do it. Normally it’s a […]


David | Truck Driver

How many years have you been working in your field?: 9 Describe what you do. Drive a semi tractor trailer combination picking up and/or delivering all types of manufactured goods. Perform the driving task with safety in mind and generally have a courteous attitude for the fellow drivers who share the roadways. Describe how you […]