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Heather | RN – Oncology / Med-Surge

How many years have you been working in your field? : I started 1 year ago. Describe what you do. I started working as a registered nurse July 10, 2017. I create and modify care plans for oncology/Med-surge patients. I communicate with doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s care and status. I […]

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Julie | RN

How long have you been a nurse? I’ve been a nurse for three years now, but I started working full-time last June. Between then and now I was in grad school working on my masters. Describe what you do. I just transferred to a new floor so I’m working in the intensive care unit now. […]

Health Registered Nurse

Elizabeth | RN

How long have you been working as a nurse? Six years Describe what you do. I work in an ICU. Its a 60 bed unit in a 860 bed hospital in Florida. I do bedside nursing and I’m also part of the rapid response team. Typically, I work three 12 hours shifts a week that […]