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Xanthe Wells – Global Creative Director

My name is Xanthe Wells and I am the Global Creative Director for Nest, which is owned by Google. We do what everyone calls ‘smart homes’, but we prefer to think of them as ‘thoughtful home’ products. I do all the advertising and creative for the world for this particular brand.  Let’s start with a […]


Kaylee | Graphic Designer

How many years have you been working in design? 7 years Describe what you do. I am the creative owner and freelancer at As a professional designer, I communicate visions through design innovation and proven marketing techniques. I specialize in helping non-profit organizations and starter businesses and blogs succeed with beautiful print and web media […]

Business Design Entrepreneur

Imanuelly | Business & Design Entrepreneur

Describe what you do. Right now, I am doing some private businesses with a partner of mine. First, because the chance of having a great connection, I am able to sell cheaper deals of international flight. Second, I do a private export and import between the countries, USA and Indonesia. Third, I do have a […]

Design UX Designer

Will | UX Designer

Describe what you do. Designing Experience in an app/service Describe how you do it. Research, Interview, Prototyping, Test and Decide Describe why you do it? It interests me to see and learn how user will behave or react to the certain experience design. What was the first step you took to become what you are […]

Design Digital Product Designer

Kyle | Senior Product Designer

Describe what you do. I am a product designer; for both mobile apps and large scale interactive environments. I design digital products from the ground up. Covering everything from UX Design like wireframes, and user flows. UI Design, like button styles, images, anything visual, these enforce the UX designs. Motion Design, interactive elements that provide […]


Tim | Creative Director

Describe what you do?  I’m currently working as the Creative Director at Pixel Expanse. I am currently involved in building identity packages and websites for businesses. This includes design, programming, SEO, and public relations tasks on a daily basis. Describe how you do it? I build my websites using a combination of HTML and CSS […]

Design Digital Product Designer

Mark | 3D Digital Product Designer

Describe what you do? Tessalate and build 3D product for various client. Describe how you do it?  We use Autodesk Maya for all of our CGI builds. Describe why you do it?  I love the 3D environment, I knew from a very young age what I wanted to do with my life, it’s not a […]