Character Mindset

Do It Scared – Courage & Confidence

So what does it mean to have courage or confidence? I think this is a question that I asked myself a lot while I was in school trying to figure out was I courageous in the steps I was trying to take to be a success or to accomplish my future. Did I have the […]

Event Planner Wedding Wedding Planner

Raina | Wedding Planner

This interview with Raina takes a deep dive at what it takes to be a wedding planner and what you could do now to take your first steps. So sorry about the audio quality. If you want to know more about being a wedding planner, definitely reach out. On Instagram @weddings_events_by_raina


Jenn | EMS

What advice would you have for a student interested in being an EMT If you don’t like dealing with blood, guts and vomit its not for you. If you can’t deal with someone looking you in the eye and saying place don’t let me die…It’s not for you. If you can put yourself aside and […]

Health Registered Nurse

Heather | RN – Oncology / Med-Surge

How many years have you been working in your field? : I started 1 year ago. Describe what you do. I started working as a registered nurse July 10, 2017. I create and modify care plans for oncology/Med-surge patients. I communicate with doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s care and status. I […]

Blogger Gemologist Jewelry

Danielle | Jewelry Blogger & Gemologist

How long have you been working as a blogger and gemologist? I’ve been doing this for 9 years. Describe what you Do. I create content on a daily basis for my website/blog I created nine years ago called Gem Gossip. This involves taking photographs of jewelry, whether it is my own, a store’s or a […]