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THE INTERVIEWS - Real People. Real Inspiration

Sarah Avallone | Healthcare IT Consultant

How do you go from working in a Walmart to working for one of the largest Healthcare providers in the world without having an academic background in the industry? Listen to Sarah talk about her job as an IT consultant in the healthcare space and what it takes both in character and in practice to […]

Raina | Wedding Planner

This interview with Raina takes a deep dive at what it takes to be a wedding planner and what you could do now to take your first steps. So sorry about the audio quality. If you want to know more about being a wedding planner, definitely reach out. weddingsbyraina.com eventsbyraina.com On Instagram @weddings_events_by_raina  

Mandy Johnson | Arbitrator

When a brand new car at Nissan is sold to a customer but starts having problems after it leaves the lot, you will end up on the line with an arbitrator, one of whom is Mandy Johnson. Take a listen to what it takes to be an arbitrator – the day to day, the character […]

Nikita | Ruby On Rails Developer

Hello. My name is Nikita, but people call me Nick. I grew up in the small industrial town in the east of Ukraine.   I got a bachelors degree in Economic in my home city, but now I’m a Ruby programmer. That may not make any sense, but this is the reality in my region. […]

Xanthe Wells – Global Creative Director

My name is Xanthe Wells and I am the Global Creative Director for Nest, which is owned by Google. We do what everyone calls ‘smart homes’, but we prefer to think of them as ‘thoughtful home’ products. I do all the advertising and creative for the world for this particular brand.  Let’s start with a […]

Ken | Mechanical Design Engineer

Listen to the audio interview here or read it below.   I am a mechanical design engineer and I’ve been doing that for about 25 years.   Describe the title and what that entails on a day to day basis. As a mechanical design engineer, my primary function is to design and shape the individual […]

Jenn | EMS

What advice would you have for a student interested in being an EMT If you don’t like dealing with blood, guts and vomit its not for you. If you can’t deal with someone looking you in the eye and saying place don’t let me die…It’s not for you. If you can put yourself aside and […]

Heather | RN – Oncology / Med-Surge

How many years have you been working in your field? : I started 1 year ago. Describe what you do. I started working as a registered nurse July 10, 2017. I create and modify care plans for oncology/Med-surge patients. I communicate with doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s care and status. I […]

Danielle | Jewelry Blogger & Gemologist

How long have you been working as a blogger and gemologist? I’ve been doing this for 9 years. Describe what you Do. I create content on a daily basis for my website/blog I created nine years ago called Gem Gossip. This involves taking photographs of jewelry, whether it is my own, a store’s or a […]

Sarah | College Advisor

How many years have you been working in your field? 2 Years Describe what you do. I meet with undergraduate college students to discuss their academic and career goals. I help students choose major, minor, and elective courses and serve as a resource to resolve many logistical issues that students encounter during their college career. […]

Curtis O | Printing Press Operator

I’m a fourth year pressman. I am the first operator of a Heidelberg SM102, which is an 8 color sheet-fed press. Our press is responsible for all of the up front and first impression materials. By that, I mean mailers, book covers, promotionals, flash card series, yearbooks. My job as head of my press is to […]

Sarah | Software Engineer

What industry or field are you employed in? Robotics How many years have you been working in your field? 5 years Describe what you do My company makes a robotic arm that’s used in manufacturing; picking up items on a conveyor belt, putting them in the next station of the assembly line, that sort of […]

Robby | Advertising Writer

What do you do? Writing to me – advertising writing – is its own little animal. And one of the things that make it unique I think is you get to use – if you do it correctly – both the left and the right hemispheres of your brain. Your left hemisphere comes in at […]

Kaylee | Graphic Designer

How many years have you been working in design? 7 years Describe what you do. I am the creative owner and freelancer at kaykelso.com. As a professional designer, I communicate visions through design innovation and proven marketing techniques. I specialize in helping non-profit organizations and starter businesses and blogs succeed with beautiful print and web media […]

Sarah | Lead Accountant/Financial Analyst

How many years have you been working in your field? 5 years Describe what you do. In a nutshell, I provide vital information to directors to assist them with planning the future of the organization. As an accountant, this involves overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the organization (deposits, accounts payable, and accounts receivable), ensuring […]

Julie | RN

How long have you been a nurse? I’ve been a nurse for three years now, but I started working full-time last June. Between then and now I was in grad school working on my masters. Describe what you do. I just transferred to a new floor so I’m working in the intensive care unit now. […]

Erica | Indie Filmmaker

How many years have you been working in your field? 3 years Describe what you do. I am a Co-Executive Producer for Honey Head Films – a production company created by myself and two other women, who also happen to be my best friends! We are passionate about telling unique stories and taking unique ideas […]

Deirdre | Acting

How many years have you been working in your field? 2 Years Describe what you do. I act in the theater. Basically, I take the words written in a play, and under the direction of a director, I develop a character who communicates to the audience. This character has to be believable. To do so, […]

Elizabeth | RN

How long have you been working as a nurse? Six years Describe what you do. I work in an ICU. Its a 60 bed unit in a 860 bed hospital in Florida. I do bedside nursing and I’m also part of the rapid response team. Typically, I work three 12 hours shifts a week that […]

Stephen | Advertising & Marketing Director

How many years have you been working in your field? 5 Years Describe what you do. I work as an Advertising and Marketing Director for a swimming pool company and as a side hustle I also run a photography and video production company called Patelagram. Describe how you do it. In a broad sense, I get […]

Peter | Controller & CFO

What industry or field are you employed in? Commercial Landscape How many years have you been working in your field? 7 Years Describe what you do. I manage all aspects of the financial operations of my company. In addition, I manage the risk, insurance, compliance, IT, real estate and Fleet. As a fleet manager I […]

Paul | Account Executive

How many years have you been working in your field? 3 Describe what you do. I am responsible for customer relationships and projects from cradle to grave. I will most likely be the first hand shake from my company, and I will be the one honoring the warranty as well. I estimate and bid projects […]

Grant | Digital Media Strategist

How many years have you been working in your field? I’ve been at it now for 10 years. Describe what you do. I work with a local advertising firm and implement digital marketing strategies dealing with content placement, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and more. The meat of my job lies in and around […]

Autumn | Operations Manager

How many years have you been working in your field? 13 Describe what you do. “Operations Manager”, encompasses a few distinct roles at the small agency I work with, including traffic and office management, but the most exciting part of my job is Project Management. As Project Manager I have the unique ability to watch […]

Imanuelly | Business & Design Entrepreneur

Describe what you do. Right now, I am doing some private businesses with a partner of mine. First, because the chance of having a great connection, I am able to sell cheaper deals of international flight. Second, I do a private export and import between the countries, USA and Indonesia. Third, I do have a […]

Gary | Hair Sylist & Preacher & Writer & Hair Educator

Describe what you do. I’m a master Hair stylist, who has a brand and influence in the beauty industry. I teach and train other stylist as well to become a better stylist , thru advancing them through new haircutting and styling skills. I also promote my product line as well. When I’m not doing hair […]

Josh | Patient Care Technician

How many years have you been working in your field? 1 year Describe what you do. I take care of patients needs and assist nurses helping the patients as well. Anything feeding to bathing to changing bandages. Basically can do anything but draw blood and give meds Describe how you do it. Normally it’s a […]

Denise | Managing Director & Owner

Describe what you do. I own a logistics and supply chain focused recruiting firm. We bring top talent in our industry together with employers who need them. Our clients don’t have the time, energy or know how to find the best person to fill their open position so they hire us to do it for […]

John | Magazine Designer & Founder

Describe what you do. I have two jobs. One is as a freelance graphic and web designer and the other is running an online and print  magazine based adventure travel journal, documenting some of the most extreme endeavours across the planet. In running the magazine, my job is to curate the stories for online and […]

Joy | Office Manager

How many years have you been working in your field? 5 years Describe what you do. Nicknamed “director of first impressions”, I don’t see greeting guests as my job – it is my passion! To see the faces of customers, vendors, co workers, and visitors light up thrills me! My goal is giving the most […]

Kat | Kennel Assistant & Substitute Teacher

Describe what you do. As a Kennel Assistant I am in charge of the general care of animals staying at the local Animal Clinic either as a boarder or overnight as a patient. General care includes walking, feeding/watering, cleaning, and giving medicine to the animals. I’m also a sort of janitor – I do laundry, dishes, […]

Joel | Assistant Pastor & College Pastor

Describe what you do. As an assistant pastor and college pastor, I work with people and for people. Almost every work day involves working alongside of our staff or a volunteer team within the church. Some days are spent doing something at the request of our pastor or filling a need for a church member. […]

Glorianna | Photographer & Promotion Manager

Describe what you do. As a wedding & portrait photographer, I capture moments at weddings, engagement session, family portraits, senior portraits, and proposal. As a promotion manager, I manage all social media engagement and creation of menu & advertising design to improve sales by creating and managing new items over and over. Describe how you […]

Thomas | General Manager

Describe what you do. I am the Managing Partner or General Manager of 3 restaurants in Atlanta, GA. Some of the things I do daily include the scheduling and inventory of the stores and then a majority of my time is focused on leadership development. Describe how you do it. I had to come to […]

Christina | Photojournalist

Describe what you do. Photojournalism. Working with central organizations within my city doing work as a photojournalist and leading the “Hearts of the South” project with the top arts/culture website in Columbus. Describe how you do it. Working with my city, I am commissioned to photograph events, businesses and the growing vibrancy of our downtown […]

Megan | Project Manager

Describe what you do. Organize logistics, record finances, and coordinate events of year-long, cross-country activism project. There is one runner/speaker of the campaign for the lives of the unborn. I ensure that as she runs and as we travel, we have speaking engagements set up, rally events planned, places to sleep, and food to eat. […]

David | Marketing – Agency Owner

How longs have you been doing work in your field? 20 years Describe what you do. We are a full service content marketing agency that helps companies out with a variety of marketing needs (web development, branding, e-mail marketing, SEM, SEO, graphic design etc…). For our marketing plans, we look to generate leads for our […]

Will | UX Designer

Describe what you do. Designing Experience in an app/service Describe how you do it. Research, Interview, Prototyping, Test and Decide Describe why you do it? It interests me to see and learn how user will behave or react to the certain experience design. What was the first step you took to become what you are […]

Steve | Peanut Artist

Describe your childhood. We lived on the edge of a small town and there was a large woods behind our house.  That was my playground. I was a very cerebral kid with a rich imagination. My best friend was my little brother.  Robin to my Batman. Does what you experienced at a young age still […]

Brandon | Mechanical Engineer

How longs have you been doing work in your field? 5 years Describe what you do. I think it would be easier to answer what I don’t do! As a mechanical engineer working at a college campus, I do everything from design to installation to troubleshooting. My realm of work is mostly limited to HVAC […]

Kyle | Senior Product Designer

Describe what you do. I am a product designer; for both mobile apps and large scale interactive environments. I design digital products from the ground up. Covering everything from UX Design like wireframes, and user flows. UI Design, like button styles, images, anything visual, these enforce the UX designs. Motion Design, interactive elements that provide […]

Ruthann | Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Describe what you do. I manage the marketing and communications for a nonprofit workforce development organization. My tasks are different every day and the industry constantly changes — which is what I love most about the advertising, marketing, and public relations industry. Most days I curate and create content for all print and digital mediums […]

Alyssa | Marketing Manager

How longs have you been doing work in your field? 2 years, 3 months Describe what you do? I manage events, network with external agents, create marketing/design pieces Describe how you do it? Gathering info and Working through logistic details for trade shows Describe why you do it? I enjoy networking with people and being […]

Ben | Senior Programmer/Analyst

Describe what you do? The primary role of the Programmer/Analyst, Client Support position is to provide technical support for the company’s Electronic Health Record and internal tools and work with our industry leading technologies while collaborating closely with all support staff. Responsibilities include troubleshooting and debugging, evaluating and installing software and content, and coding enhancements […]

Andy | Video

Describe what you do? I create advertising videos, mainly for websites and social media advertising. Describe how you do it? * I meet with people looking for video advertising and I figure out what they need. Then I plan, write, test, shoot, and edit videos to meet their needs for marketing. Describe why you do it? * […]

Tim | Creative Director

Describe what you do?  I’m currently working as the Creative Director at Pixel Expanse. I am currently involved in building identity packages and websites for businesses. This includes design, programming, SEO, and public relations tasks on a daily basis. Describe how you do it? I build my websites using a combination of HTML and CSS […]

Isaac | Regional Sales Manager

 Photo By: Owen Jordan  www.owensjordan.com Describe what you do?  I sell steel building supplies, mainly metal studs and the connections pieces that attach the metal studs to the structure. My Territory is the West Coast, and it is projected to do over 2 million this year. Describe how you do it?  This boils down to creating […]

Amber | Medical Biller

Describe what you do?  I review and correct procedure and diagnoses codes for medical claims before they are sent out to insurance companies for reimbursement. Describe how you do it?  I pull in charges through the electronic medical record system and compare them codes to the office visit note to make sure they reflect the […]

Mark | 3D Digital Product Designer

Describe what you do? Tessalate and build 3D product for various client. Describe how you do it?  We use Autodesk Maya for all of our CGI builds. Describe why you do it?  I love the 3D environment, I knew from a very young age what I wanted to do with my life, it’s not a […]

Sean | Lawyer

Describe what you do? I’m a lawyer. I’m a federal prosecutor for UCMJ violations, a legal advisor to military commanders, and a legal assistance attorney for military members. Describe how you do it? I study the law and apply it to specific situations. As a prosecutor, I oversee cases from investigation to trial to sentencing. […]

Colt | Storm Chaser

 ARTICLE BY: Sarah Eshleman Nature, the largest canvas of creativity and beauty, has inspired humans since the beginning of time with the beauty of a sunset, luminescence of the moon, vibrancy of flowers, the grace and intrigue of wildlife. Not many people, though, run toward the magnificence of nature’s forces and tame its terror by extracting the beauty. […]

Jennifer | Puppeteer

Describe what you do?  “I make inanimate objects animated. I use puppet characters to tell stories and create a fun experience for an audience.” Describe how you do it? “Look at the puppet, study how it moves and works. Study the character. A puppeteer is basically “an actor from the wrist up,” according to Jim […]

Sierra | Rock Climber

“Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, 21-year-old Sierra Blair-Coyle has been competing professionally since the age of 14. Voted one of the Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015 by AskMen, she has also been a World Cup Competitor (2010-2015) and a two-time National Champion as a junior competitor. Sierra travels the world competing and doing what […]

Shantanu Starick

What I Do. is often hard to define, however because I hold cameras in my hands more hours of day/night than I sleep, it’s probably safe to say that I’m a photographer first and foremost. What kind of photographer can only be categorized as International because I shoot for all kinds of companies and businesses around our […]